June 2014
Just placed on our list 'Of Interest/ Links' is a brand new initiative for all of the south Munster Clans and Septs: the alliance of the ancient clans of the Kingdom of Desmond. This new grouping of Irish families, clans and septs is to foster awareness of, and respect for, what is a most eminent part of Gaelic-Irish history. Thus its purpose is to encourage the involvement, as 'cultural custodians; for preserving and promoting the history and heritage of the Kingdom of Desmond during the time of the Old Gaelic Order, of all the Gaelic-Irish clans and septs of Desmond, as well as all families of non-Gaelic origin (e.g. Vikings, Normans, etc, who are also considered to be ancient clans of the Kingdom of Desmond.); and to be a voice for the now titular inheritances of all the Gaelic and non-Gaelic Irish families / clans / septs with roots in this ancient Irish kingdom.

May 2014
Just placed on our Of Interest/List of Articles page is a brand new article on Irish Chiefly Successions written by The O Cahan. It is of enormous interest and of significant value in restoring a better understanding of the subject. And the process described in the article is a real 'option' for Irish Clans which have lost track of their line of hereditary chiefs due to the vicissitudes of our history, loss of records, etc.

The MacCarthy Mor applauds all clans which have organized and brought forward gatherings, research, etc. There are numerous which are active and which stem from what was the territory of the Kingdom of Desmond, e.g. O Mahony, O Driscoll, Mulcahy, O Crowley, O Donoughue, O Sullivan, and etc. But due to lack of a proved hereditary in the great majority of cases, the clans are headed by an 'elected' chief or president who does not stem from the hereditary Derbhfine which was the basis for successions when de facto Brehon Law was operative in Ireland. Thus with elected heads, the leadership changes every year or two and while very praiseworthy does not reflect the 'center of gravity' of succession within an hereditary Derbhfine (membership in which was based on descent in one family from a common great-grandfather) and then a democratic election from within that descent - and not English primogeniture). A successor under Brehon Law could be a brother, uncle, nephew, etc. of a Chief-of-Name. This new article shows how the Scottish Ad Hoc Derbhfine method based on Brehon Law could easily be applied to Irish successions as well. To overcome the problem of headless clans, as there are only about 25 clans in Ireland which as of now have proven hereditary Chiefs-of-Name, out of thousands of names. If a clan continued to prefer 'elected' presidents, etc., fine, but this 'option' would be there for those who prefer a reactualisation of Brehon Law.

Already we have had interest expressed by a few clans which wish to take up the process necessary to convene an Ad Hoc Derbhfine and then elect an hereditary chiefship house. It is further stated here that the Chancery and MacCarthy Mor would recognise Desmond clans which undertake the option outlined in the article as regards appointing a Chief-of-Name (or Chieftain-of-Name of a recognized branch of the name).

March, 2013
It is a pleasure to announce that The MacCarthy Mor has created a new dynastic honour of his house. The honour will be called 'The Companionate of Cashel' and thus reflects the historic relation of the family with the Rock of Cashel, Cormac's Chapel, etc., back to the 11th century and before.The Companionate will be awarded very sparsely, to those who have shown great service to the House of MacCarthy Mor or who merit recognition for their accomplishments. It will also be awarded to other Chiefs-of-Name/Captains-of-the Nation of Ireland who subscribe to historic Brehon Law, successions via the Derbhfine, and to the principle that each family is the ultimate judge of successions, not any private group or any government.It is made clear that this Companionate is not a knighthood, has no prefix titles or stylings, and makes no claim of any historic continuity. It is simply an award of the MacCarthy Mor to deserving individuals, to show respect and admiration.

July, 2012
Please be advised that there is a organisation called Clans of Ireland Network, organised recently to be the sponsor of individual clan sites on the internet. There is a MacCarthy Clan site, and membership is simply by 'joining'. Now, we have no objection whatsoever to anything which encourages MacCarthys to interact. This initiative has for its emphasis such interaction, etc., and our own Foundation agenda would be quite different although interaction is included of course.Clans of Ireland Network is tied to Facebook listings and, in effect, is a sort of clan network a la Facebook groups. This is simply to say that the new 'network' and its MacCarthy page are not related to our MacCarthy Clan Foundation. We had no input into the initiative and wish to point out that the MacCarthy Clan site on the Network is not a 'chapter' of the Foundation, and has no relation to the Foundation, any of our Chapters, or the MacCarthy Mor. It is an unapproved site from our point of view and we disclaim any responsibility for its entries (of which we've noticed 3 or 4 errors already, of fact or omission). Again, we have no problem with any other MacCarthys organising or interacting as they see fit, but just wish to make note that we have no relation to this effort.

March, 2012
St. Patrick's Day (March 17) 2012 marks the happy occasion of the inception of the North American Chapter of the MacCarthy Clan Foundation. Family and friends of the McCarthys in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, etc., can register their membership in the McCarthy Clan by going to the North American MacCarthy Clan website at www.maccarthyclan.org.