List of Articles

"Practical Application of Gaelic-Irish Tanistic Succession"
by Leonard M. Keane, Jr., The O'Cahan
A brief exposition on the nature of the Gaelic-Irish Brehon law manner of succession of a clan chiefship, esp. vis-a-vis the primogeniture method.

"Dan The Feathers"
by Chevalier William F. K. Marmion
The colourful "Dan the Feathers," otherwise known as Donal MacCarthy, "the base son" of the last King of Desmond, Donal IX MacCarthy Mór, is legendary in the Killarney area.

"Keigan Geir (Dan the Feathers' Dog)"
by J. J. MacCarthy (of the former MacCarthy Clan Society; Kanturk, Co. Cork; Ireland)
A poignant tale of a man and his dog in 16th century Ireland.

"The Last Appanage: Further On Donal, The Base Son"
by The MacCarthy Clan Foundation
An explanation of why the sept of the current MacCarthy Mór - Sliocht Cormac of Dunguile - is the correct one to succeed to the Chiefship. It is "the last appanage."

"Irish Chiefs of the Name, and the SCICC"
Reprinted, with permission, from the Doyle Clan website - December 2011
Why the Standing Council of Irish Chiefs and Chieftains (SCICC) has no role in chiefly recognitions.

"No Irish Need Apply! Still the Case?"
by The Kingdom of Desmond Association, 2012-13
Published first on the Doyle Clan website, April 2013 - at www.doyle.com.au/noirish.htm

"Irish Chiefly Succession in the 21st Century"
by Leonard M. Keane, Jr., The O Cahan

"Irish Chiefly Successon: 'Ad Hoc Derbhfine' Guidelines"
by The Kingdom of Desmond Association (2014)