Welcome, friend!

...or, in Gaelic, Fáilte, a chara!

This is the internet home of the international MacCarthy Clan Foundation. We hope this place will be an information resource and a forum for those around the world for whom the historically-famous Gaelic-Irish surname of MacCarthy - and all of its variations - has special interest.

Variations on the original spelling of the name MacCarthy (which, in Gaelic, is spelled Mac Cárthaigh, and means "son of the loving one") are many, and include: McCarthy, McCarty, McArthy, McArty, MacCarty, McCurdy, McAthey, MacCarthaigh, McClarty, McCardy, McKarty, and more....

CashelBeyond its familiar usage as a surname of Irish derivation, the name MacCarthy also represents a Royal House, a dynasty, that exists to the present day in the MacCarthy Mór ("Great MacCarthy") branch of the MacCarthy family. For centuries, the MacCarthy Mórs were Kings of Munster and Desmond, until the end of the Gaelic Order in Ireland (c. 1602). Today, the Royal House of MacCarthy is headed by Liam Trant McCarthy, The MacCarthy Mór, Chief of the Name, Prince of Desmond.


Objectives of the MacCarthy Clan Foundation

The past 20+ years have seen a resurgance of interest among the worldwide Irish diaspora in re-connecting with family roots in Ireland. This website is intended to provide a platform - expecially for those of the extended MacCarthy family - to re-connect with one of the most glorious surnames in the annals of Ireland. The objectives of this organization are:

  • To foster knowledge of MacCarthy Clan (and, Gaelic-Irish) history, traditions, and customs;
  • To honor, preserve and perpetuate the traditions of all Irish-descended people - particulary those of The MacCarthy Clan - and their contributions to the history and culture of many countries of the world;
  • To promote and preserve awareness of, and provide a place of safekeeping for, artifacts, manuscripts, documents, internet resources, literature, and/or other items pertaining to the Clan;
  • To preserve and protect Gaelic values and traditions - particularly those of the ancient Irish province of Munster, and the Kingdom of Desmond;
  • To promote fellowship among the MacCarthy Clan extended family at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

    The Foundation is under the direct authority of the head of the Clan, The MacCarthy Mor, and administratively operates via his delegation to his Chancery or as he otherwise specifies.

  • Welcome from the Chief of the Clan: